EcoPro Cleaning Co.

EcoPro Cleaning Co. – Creating Healthy Environments.

EcoPro Cleaning Co. is not only New Zealand’s first cleaning services company, but the first services company across all industries to be awarded an Eco Choice licence. It’s something we are very proud of.

For us, providing environmentally-friendly cleaning services isn’t a marketing tactic: it is part of who we are. Creating healthy environments is not only good for the world around us, but offers many commercial benefits.

With almost 40 years servicing companies across Auckland, we have established a reputation for quality, reliability and security. Going green was the obvious choice to take our standards to the next level.

Choosing EcoPro Cleaning Co. delivers many benefits, including:

  • Our products and processes are not harmful to the environment
  • We help businesses minimise their environmental footprint
  • Our products are designed to ensure the workplace is free from toxins and unfriendly chemicals, ensuring a safe environment for staff
  • Our processes are designed to remove as many irritants as possible, creating a better workplace for staff who suffer from asthma and allergies
  • By creating a healthy workplace, the incidence of sick leave can be reduced
  • Our clients can confidently say they are taking positive steps to help the environment and to ensure the well-being of their staff. We offer clients an extensive range of cleaning services from general workplace cleaning to hard-floor maintenance, water blasting and steam-cleaning of blinds. Whatever you require, we can tailor our services to your specific needs, complete with the confidence that the products we use and how we clean get the green seal of approval.

If you would like to discuss your cleaning requirements, we welcome you to call us on 09 415 9984 or email us at

Licence No: 4510080
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