Advance Nature Dishwash Detergent

Advance Nature Manual Dishwashing Detergent is the ideal product for dishwashing in all industries including restaurants and food preparation. It cuts through grease, food particles and stains for sparkling clean dishes, yet its biodegradable ingredients are gentle on the skin. Advance Nature Dish Wash Detergent is also perfect as an all-purpose cleaner. Use it for floor mopping, clothes & car washing and for general cleaning.

– Effectively removes grease, food particles, and stains for spotless dishes.
– Biodegradable formula gentle on the skin.
– MPI Approved C32
– Eco Choice Aotearoa Licensed

Standard detergents and cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals designed to annihilate grime – but at what cost? Ingredients such as “optical brighteners” don’t biodegrade and are extremely toxic to...Read more
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