Tools & Resources

We know how frustrating it can be to navigate the sea of buzzwords and misleading claims when you’re trying to make the right choices.

Our tools and resources are designed to help inform and simplify your decisions.
In a market filled with ambiguity, Eco Choice Aotearoa provides confidence that what you’re buying is better for the planet and safe for you and your family.

Find Certified Products and Services

Our finder tool helps you identify products and services that have been awarded the Eco Choice mark after they have passed our rigorous environmental and social standards.

Ecolabelling Explained

An ecolabel is a mark which identifies the overall environmental preferability of a product or service within a specific industry.

Sustainable Procurement

If your organisation uses large volumes of products regularly, making the switch to environmentally preferable products shows social responsibility, which in turn boosts your public reputation and brand equity.

Let's talk about greenwashing and misleading terms

It’s important to understand nothing is truly ‘eco-friendly’. Everything has an impact on the environment in some way, which is why Eco Choice Aotearoa uses language like ‘environmentally preferable” instead.

The European Union is in the process of banning misleading or vague claims like eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural and carbon neutral. There is currently no such legislation governing the use of green claims in Aotearoa, but complaints can be made to the Advertising Standards Authority and Commerce Commission.

We know not everyone has the time to thoroughly research every purchase. We recommend starting with a few products bought on a regular basis (think, toilet paper, dishing-washing detergents, laundry powder etc.) and looking out for credible, third-party certifications like Eco Choice Aotearoa.