Eco Choice Aotearoa works with you to understand exactly what your business needs. In addition to our internationally recognised ecolabel, we offer Life Cycle Assessments, Environmental Product Declarations & advice on procurement & sustainable communications. Eco Choice Aotearoa is here to help you at each stage of your sustainability journey.


Eco Choice Aotearoa has partnered with Edge Impact to offer LCAs and EPDs. Edge Impact, known for completing 40% of Australasia’s EPDs, brings unparalleled expertise and a nuanced understanding of various industries’ opportunities and challenges. This ensures businesses receive robust, transparent, and credible environmental impact data. Don’t start from scratch If you’ve already been awarded Eco Choice’s ecolabel, that data can assist in the development of your LCA or EPD, potentially saving you time and money. This includes information around the following processes:
  • Raw material extraction 
  • Energy and manufacturing inputs
  • Transport and distribution management
  • Emissions and discharges
  • Use phase and product systems
  • End of life management, including resource recovery
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Eco Choice is now partnering with Edge to offer EPDs and LCAs
Eco Choice Aotearoa offers consultancy services around sustainable procurement and sustainable communications

Consultancy services


Do you need advice on sustainable procurement,  communicating your ESG credentials or avoiding  greenwashing? Eco Choice Aotearoa has you covered with bespoke workshops and consultancy services.

Sustainable Procurement

  • Source responsibly: Learn how to make informed purchasing decisions that minimise environmental impact and support ethical practices.
  • Mitigate Supply Chain Risks: Identify and address environmental and social risks within your supply chain.
  • Bolster ESG:  Align your purchasing practices with your Environmental, Social, and Governance goals.
  • Achieve cost-savings: Through the purchase of energy-efficient, durable and repairable products.

Sustainable Communications

Tell your story authentically: Learn how to craft clear and credible messages that resonate with your audience.
Avoid greenwashing: Implement basic principles to ensure your communications are transparent and backed by evidence.
Build trust and credibility: Become a leader in sustainable practices within your industry.

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Why choose Eco Choice Aotearoa


Trusted & transparent

We openly share the criteria we use to evaluate each product or service, right here on our website.


Rigorous & robust

Our assessments are rigorous, product-specific & cover the whole lifecycle; from raw material extraction to end-of-life.


Earned, not bought

Eco Choice Aotearoa is a pass/ fail certification. Businesses are subject to ongoing audits to monitor compliance.


Uniquely Kiwi

We use a globally recognised framework (ISO 14024) drafting standards with our local environment and feasibility in mind.


Innovation focus

Our criteria is based on scientific research and updated regularly to encourage continuous improvement and innovation.


Green Building

Eco Choice Aotearoa is recognised by the Australian & New Zealand Green Building Councils (NZGBC)

Sustainable procurement


If you’re a business, third-party proof of your environmental credentials provides an advantage when tendering for work.


Global recognition

Eco Choice Aotearoa has ‘sister’ ecolabels around the globe and is recognised by the likes of the US Environmental Protection Agency.