Eco Choice Aotearoa Expands Services Through New Partnership with Edge Impact

The country’s official ecolabel Eco Choice Aotearoa is proud to announce a new partnership with Edge Impact, Australasia’s leading provider of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Eco Choice Aotearoa, trademarked by the Minister for the Environment, has been a pioneer in sustainability for over three decades with its comprehensive Type 1 ecolabel. Now, in collaboration with Edge Impact, Eco Choice is expanding its services to deliver deeper insights and actionable business intelligence through Life Cycle Assessments and EPDs.

Edge Impact, known for completing 40% of Australasia’s EPDs, brings a wealth of expertise and a nuanced understanding of the opportunities and challenges within various industries. Edge’s experience ensures  businesses receive robust, transparent, and credible environmental impact data.

Environmental Product Declarations leverage data already gathered during Eco Choice Aotearoa’s certification process to provide detailed, transparent, and verified data on environmental impacts.

“Partnering with the Eco Choice label makes a lot of sense for us. We’re committed to helping product manufacturers understand their product impacts and communicate this effectively to their clients,” says David Maucor, Edge Impact Regional Principal, New Zealand. “Eco Choice already assists many New Zealand-based businesses through its ecolabel programme. Together, we can offer more options and guide them on their product certification and transparency journey.”

The partnership combines the assurance of a Type 1 ecolabel, the business intelligence of an LCA, and the transparency of an EPD, all under one trusted provider with a 30-year legacy. This integration will simplify the process for businesses striving for sustainability.

“Eco Choice Aotearoa and Edge Impact are committed to helping organisations minimise their environmental impact, to ensure a thriving motu for future generations,” says Laura Gemmell, Eco Choice CEO. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to sustainability, and by expanding our services, we’re now able to support businesses at each step of their journey – providing honest advice on what they need, and what they don’t.”


Type 1 ecolabel (ISO 14024): Eco Choice Aotearoa only awards its ecolabel to goods and services that meet its rigorous, science-backed criteria. The ecolabel considers environmental and social preferability, fitness for purpose and whether the product or service poses any risk to human health. Businesses must also demonstrate a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

EPDs:  EPDs are standardised, independently verified documents that offer transparent information about the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. These documents include comprehensive analyses of a product’s environmental performance, covering carbon emissions, energy use, resource depletion, and waste generation. By presenting data in clearly defined stages, EPDs allow for step-by-step comparisons along a product’s lifecycle.

To learn more about this partnership and how it can benefit your business, contact us.