Supershine Transit Car and Truck Wash

Transit Car & Truck Wash uses advanced, eco-preferable surfactant technology. This innovative sustainable technology has excellent degreasing properties and leaves surfaces shiny. It is a concentrated, pH balanced liquid formulation. It combines biodegradable detergents, environmental requesting agents and grease cutting ingredients.

This concentrated industrial formulation removes wide range of different types of traffic film using either low pressure application or hand pressure application. It is highly effective for removing dirt, oil, grease and road grime.

– Works well for eliminating dirt, oil, grease, and road grime.
– Removes various types of traffic film using low-pressure or hand-pressure application.
– Provides protection and rapid dewatering for painted surfaces.
– Biodegradable
– Eco Choice Aotearoa Licensed
– MPI Approved C32

Standard detergents and cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals designed to annihilate grime – but at what cost? Ingredients such as “optical brighteners” don’t biodegrade and are extremely toxic to...Read more
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