Laminex New Zealand

Laminex New Zealand forms part of the Laminates and Panels division of Fletcher Building Products Ltd, and we aim to be New Zealand’s trusted business partner for decorative surfaces and panel products offering expert knowledge and exceptional value to our customers. With market leading brands in our portfolio including Formica, Laminex, Melteca, Lakepine MDF and Caesarstone, Laminex New Zealand offers residential and commercial solutions for all interior spaces. From benchtops and cabinetry, through to structural flooring, wall lining and commercial joinery, there are products available to meet all these application requirements. Laminex New Zealand has manufacturing facilities throughout New Zealand and prides itself on supporting the NZ building industry with strong industry associations and memberships. With one of the country’s best distribution networks, Laminex New Zealand has metropolitan and regional branches ensuring the highest level of local support and service to our customers.

Laminex New Zealand supports the belief that a company needs to be responsible for its actions – socially, ethically, and environmentally.

From the very start of the manufacturing process to when the product arrives at to your door – sustainability is a present and considered element. Through our GREENfirst® programme we employ a range of strategies to support our sustainability goals, including the use of sustainable and recycled materials as raw material or fuels, the use of renewable energy—particularly biomass—and the introduction of new technologies to improve energy efficiency..

Laminex New Zealand has been awarded the Eco Choice label for a range of decorated laminate and wood panel products.

Licence No: 3208041
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