Kopine is owned by New Zealand Panels Group and has been making particleboard at its Kopu site since 1990.

Our particleboard is used as a substrate in both Bestwood and Prime Melamine panels, providing 2 points for Homestar projects and 3 points for Greenstar projects.

Our raw material for the particleboard is untreated radiata pine chips sourced from local forests which are FSC certified or waste radiata pine chipped on our own site.  Manufacturing particleboard presents us with the opportunity to turn a sawmilling by-product into a strong, quality product.

Kopine is consistently looking for ways to improve manufacturing practices with a view to decreasing its environmental impact. A large portion of the energy consumed during the manufacturing of particleboard is generated by burning the dust created during the sanding process.

Our particleboard is low VOC with a formaldehyde level rated as E1.

Licence No: 3210078
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