Paperfaced internal wall and ceiling lining / substrate

The carbon footprint of Paperfaced is approximately 75% less than plasterboard. Huge carbon reduction potential here!

Durable, impact resistant, low maintenance and high performance bracing capability. Paperfaced can be plastered and painted as you would a standard plasterboard. The surface of Paperfaced is textured so a level 5 paint finish is required to achieve a flat surface.

Paperfaced is used in applications requiring high impact resistance – healthcare, education, community housing, hospitality and retail. Paperfaced is also used as a cost effective substrate for acoustic panels and feature wall linings.

We are proud to see Paperfaced being used in the Scott Base project 🙂

Sheet size 10xx x 1200 x 2400 / 2700 / 3000

Quick look
Every board will divert 21.6 kgs of waste from landfill
Cut and use fixings as per a timber product
Acoustic STC30Db
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