Chemical Solutions Limited

Like all good Kiwi companies Chemical Solutions was started with an idea, and a passion to make it happen. The idea was to manufacture products for industry that met NZ needs better than imported product. Pretty soon we found we were making products better also than many NZ manufacturers.

Today our passion and innovation drive remains strong. Family and environmental values are at the core of much that we do – so our customers enjoy the best in products and service.

Our latest initiative for developing a green-cleaning range to meet the increasing need for environmentally responsible products and systems led to our range of Eco Choice Licensed products.

These products not only meet the strictest of design and manufacturing standards, but tie together with what we believe is the best system for users, with an integrated system of applicator bottles and safety and awareness programs, for cleaning in the NZ market.

Speak to us or a distributor today about how we can help better meet your green-cleaning needs.

Licence No: 2910084 and 5819157
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