Will&Able is a social enterprise on a mission to create new jobs for people with intellectual disabilities. We provide customers with high quality eco-friendly cleaning products delivered straight to their doorstep and they help us create jobs for people with disabilities.

Will&Able’s value proposition is providing environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products with true recycling and not just lip service, to ensure positive job creation for people with disabilities, so members can be sure their money is going towards a cause that focuses on ecological sustainability and social impact.

The chemical and bottles suppliers are local, ten minutes’ drive from the Will&Able factory in Auckland. Bottles are made 100% from post-consumer-regrind used New Zealand milk bottles and they provide a closed loop solution for returning empty used bottles, diverting bottles from land fill or being shipped overseas. All products are certified as environmentally friendly through Eco Choice Aotearoa.

Will&Able provides its employees with a job to work at, a community to belong to, a purpose to strive for, a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and a way to develop more independence and financial freedom. The goal is to establish a business long term that is owned and operated by people with disabilities and not limited by any constraints, with the goal of employing as many disabled people as possible – not only in Auckland but in the rest of NZ as well.

Licence No: 2920174 & 5820175
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