Cottonsoft Limited

After detailed and robust auditing of its existing fibre sourcing, the New Zealand tissue manufacturer Cottonsoft has achieved Eco Choice Aotearoa certification.

Cottonsoft Country Manager Kim Calvert says, “We are pleased that we have been able to comply with all requirements of the Eco Choice ecolabel, and are very proud of this certification. The audit process was rigorous and in-depth, and involved every step of our chain of custody, including numerous site visits.

“The Eco Choice seal builds on our existing PEFC certification and allows consumers to have complete peace of mind and reassurance that Cottonsoft operates sustainably and responsibly.”

Cottonsoft has been in business for 25 years in New Zealand. It is a tissue-converting company which manufactures toilet tissue and paper towels for New Zealand’s supermarkets and commercial organisations. Its retail product range includes Tuffy Paper Towel and Paseo, CottonSofts and KiwiSoft Toilet Tissue. To find out more about Cottonsoft, its products and its sustainability and CSR programmes, visit

Licence No: 6013119 (previously 1313119)
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