Pindo Deli Paper Products

Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills commit to excel in producing high quality, responsibly produced tissues by emphasizing on customer satisfaction and offering high value added tissue products.

The company is located in Indonesia and has committed to sustainability and good governance in its operations. The meaning of sustainability to us is the balance of economic, environmental and social interest in the growth of our business.

As one of APP mills in Indonesia, Pindo Deli also complies with APP’s Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).The policy is a ground-breaking commitment with global significance; it is a company-wide commitment to zero deforestation throughout its supply chain. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills is a PEFC CoC certified company, and produces PEFC certified tissue for our key customers. Through a combination of FCP commitment, PEFC CoC certification and the Eco Choice Aotearoa, we can assure buyers that our tissue products are not only of high quality, but are certified, traceable and support responsible forest management across Indonesia and worldwide.

Licence No: 6015135 (previously 1315135)
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